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Electricity Outage Near Melksham: What You Need To Know
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Overview of the Power Outage in Melksham

Residents of the area near Melksham, a town in Wiltshire, England, were recently affected by an electricity outage. The power went out around 11 PM on Monday, May 17th, 2023, and lasted until the following morning. The cause of the outage is still under investigation. The local electricity company, Wiltshire Power, is still working to determine what caused the outage and how it can be prevented in the future. In the meantime, residents of the area have been dealing with the aftermath of the outage.

Impact on Local Businesses

The electricity outage had a major impact on the businesses in the area. Many businesses had to close their doors during the blackout, as they were unable to properly operate without power. Some businesses, such as restaurants and cafes, were unable to serve customers and had to close for the night. Other businesses, such as retail stores, had to close their doors due to the power outage, as their merchandise could not be properly secured without electricity.

Impact on Local Residents

The power outage had a significant impact on the residents of the area as well. Without electricity, many residents were unable to cook dinner or complete other tasks that require electricity. Additionally, those who rely on medical equipment powered by electricity were unable to use the equipment during the outage. Some residents also reported feeling anxious during the outage, as it was difficult to know when the power would be restored.

Response from Wiltshire Power

Wiltshire Power, the local electricity company, responded quickly to the outage. The company sent out teams of technicians to investigate the cause of the outage. Additionally, the company sent out crews to restore power to the area as quickly as possible. Wiltshire Power has also been in contact with local businesses and residents to ensure they have the most up-to-date information about the outage and its resolution.

Future Preventative Measures

Wiltshire Power has stated that it is taking steps to prevent future power outages in the area near Melksham. The company is investing in new technologies and infrastructure that will help to ensure that power outages are minimized in the future. Additionally, Wiltshire Power is working with local businesses and residents to help them understand how to best prepare for a power outage.

Tips for Preparing for a Power Outage

If you live in the area near Melksham, it is important to be prepared for future power outages. Make sure to have flashlights and other emergency supplies on hand in case of an outage. Additionally, make sure to keep a list of contact numbers for Wiltshire Power, as well as any other emergency services you may need. Finally, it is important to check in with your neighbors during a power outage to make sure everyone is safe and informed about the situation.


The recent power outage near Melksham had a major impact on the businesses and residents of the area. Wiltshire Power is working to restore power to the area and to prevent future outages. It is important for residents of the area to be prepared for future outages, as well as to stay informed about the situation. By following these tips and staying informed, residents can ensure they are prepared for future power outages.

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