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A Comprehensive Guide To Agl's Electricity Outage Map
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What Is the AGL Outage Map?

The AGL Outage Map is an online tool that helps customers track and monitor electricity outages in their area. Developed by energy company AGL, the map provides customers with real-time updates on active outages and estimated restoration times. Customers can also view planned outages and maintenance works.

The map works by displaying electricity outages in selected areas on an interactive map. Outages are represented as small circles, with the size of the circle indicating the number of customers affected. When clicked, a detailed view of the outage is provided with information about the cause and estimated restoration time.

Using the AGL Outage Map

The AGL Outage Map is easy to use and provides customers with up-to-date information on electricity outages. To get started, customers simply need to enter their address or postcode in the search field. The map will then display a list of outages in the surrounding area.

For more detailed information, customers can click on an outage circle to see further information. This includes the estimated time of restoration, the number of customers affected, and the cause of the outage. Customers can also sign up for outage notifications, receive updates about the status of the outage and be notified when the power is restored.

What Causes Electric Outages?

Electric outages are caused by a number of factors. These include extreme weather conditions such as storms, fires, and heatwaves, as well as accidents, equipment failure, and power supply issues. Outages can also be caused by planned maintenance and upgrades, as well as power outages in neighbouring areas.

In the event of an planned outage, AGL will usually send out advance notices to customers in the affected area. This is to let customers know when the power will be switched off and when it will be restored.

What to Do During an Outage

During an outage, customers should take a few simple steps to ensure their safety. The first thing to do is to check the AGL Outage Map to see if there is an outage in the area, and to see when the power is expected to be restored. Customers should also unplug any electrical appliances and switch off lights and air-conditioning units to reduce the risk of equipment damage.

In the event of an emergency, customers should contact their local power company for assistance. AGL also provides customers with 24/7 emergency support.


The AGL Outage Map is an easy-to-use tool that provides customers with up-to-date information on electricity outages in their area. The map is also useful for tracking planned outages and receiving notifications when the power is restored. By understanding the causes of electric outages and taking a few simple steps during an outage, customers can help to ensure their own safety and protect their electrical appliances.

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