Zayed Sustainability Prize Application

Zayed Sustainability Prize Application
Zayed Sustainability Prize 2022 Expands Global Reach with Submissions from


The Zayed Sustainability Prize is a prestigious award that recognizes individuals, organizations, and schools that have made significant contributions in the areas of sustainability and humanitarianism. The prize was established in 2008 and is named after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates. The annual prize is awarded in five categories, namely Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Global High Schools.

Application Guidelines

The application process for the Zayed Sustainability Prize is simple and can be completed online. Interested individuals, organizations, or schools must visit the prize website and create an account. Once the account is created, the applicant can log in and complete the application form, which requires information about the project, including its impact, sustainability, and innovation.

Criteria for Selection

The Zayed Sustainability Prize selection process is rigorous and involves several rounds of evaluation. The projects are assessed based on their impact, sustainability, and innovation. The judges also consider the scalability and replicability of the project, as well as its potential to inspire and contribute to the global sustainability agenda.

Benefits of Winning

Winning the Zayed Sustainability Prize comes with several benefits, including global recognition, increased funding, and access to a network of sustainability experts and organizations. The winners also receive a cash prize of up to $600,000, which can be used to further develop and scale their project.

Previous Winners

Over the years, the Zayed Sustainability Prize has recognized several individuals, organizations, and schools for their outstanding contributions to sustainability and humanitarianism. Some of the notable winners include the Barefoot College in India, which was awarded the prize in the Energy category in 2018, and the Healthpoint Foundation in Pakistan, which won the prize in the Health category in 2019.


The Zayed Sustainability Prize is an excellent opportunity for individuals, organizations, and schools that are working towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world. The prize not only recognizes their efforts but also provides them with the necessary support to further scale and develop their projects. So, if you have a project that is making a significant impact in the areas of sustainability and humanitarianism, do not hesitate to apply for the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

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