Microsoft's Csr Report 2021: An Overview

Microsoft's Csr Report 2021: An Overview
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Microsoft, the tech giant, has recently published its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report for the year 2021. This report highlights the company’s efforts towards sustainable practices, ethical conduct, and social responsibility. In this article, we will discuss the key highlights of the report and how it aligns with Microsoft’s vision for a better future.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the major highlights of the report is Microsoft’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The company has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 75% by 2030 and to remove the remaining 25% through carbon removal technologies. Microsoft is also investing in renewable energy and has announced that it will be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2025.

Product Sustainability

Microsoft is committed to designing and manufacturing products that are environmentally sustainable. The company has introduced eco-friendly packaging for its products and is also working towards reducing the carbon footprint of its data centers. In addition, Microsoft has also launched a program called Microsoft Certified Refurbished, which promotes the reuse of its products.

Social Responsibility

Microsoft has always been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion. In the CSR report, the company has outlined its efforts towards promoting diversity and inclusion in its workforce. Microsoft has also pledged to invest $150 million towards creating economic opportunities for underrepresented communities.


Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to philanthropy. The company has donated over $2 billion in cash and software to nonprofit organizations around the world. In the CSR report, Microsoft has highlighted its efforts towards providing technology and resources to underserved communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ethical Conduct

Microsoft has always maintained a high standard of ethical conduct. In the CSR report, the company has reiterated its commitment to ethical behavior and transparency. Microsoft has also outlined its efforts towards protecting the privacy and security of its users’ data.

Human Rights

Microsoft is committed to upholding human rights and has implemented policies and practices to ensure that its products and services do not contribute to human rights abuses. The company has also established a human rights statement that outlines its commitment to respecting human rights.


Microsoft’s CSR Report 2021 highlights the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical conduct, and human rights. The report demonstrates Microsoft’s efforts towards creating a better world and aligns with the company’s vision for a sustainable future. As a leader in the tech industry, Microsoft’s efforts towards social responsibility are commendable and set an example for other companies to follow.

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