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Environment And Sustainability At Cornell: A Comprehensive Overview
Sustainable Cornell Council “State of Cornell Sustainability” Address from events.cornell.edu

The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability has become a critical issue in today’s world, and Cornell University is at the forefront of the movement. The university recognizes the importance of sustainability and has taken significant steps to ensure that its campus and programs are environmentally friendly.

The Cornell Campus

Cornell’s Ithaca campus is home to over 20,000 students, faculty, and staff members. The university has implemented various sustainable initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. For instance, the campus has a robust recycling program that diverts over 50% of its waste from landfills. Cornell also has a green building policy that requires all new construction to meet rigorous sustainability standards.

Academic Programs

Cornell offers various academic programs that focus on sustainability. The university’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology has a strong focus on environmental conservation and sustainability. The department offers numerous courses that cover topics such as climate change, environmental policy, and sustainable agriculture.


Cornell is a leader in sustainability research. The university’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future supports interdisciplinary research on sustainability issues. The center funds research on topics such as renewable energy, sustainable food systems, and climate change adaptation.

The Future of Sustainability at Cornell

Cornell is committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2035. To achieve this goal, the university is implementing various initiatives, such as increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable transportation.

Sustainability in Campus Operations

Cornell is working to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives. The university is investing in renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, to reduce its carbon footprint. Cornell is also implementing a green building policy that requires new construction to meet sustainability standards.

Sustainability in Academics

Cornell is continuing to expand its sustainability-focused academic programs. The university has established a new School of Sustainability, which will offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in sustainability. The school will bring together students and faculty from various disciplines to tackle sustainability challenges.

Sustainability in Research

Cornell is investing in sustainability research to address pressing environmental issues. The university has established a new research center focused on sustainable agriculture. The center will develop sustainable farming practices that reduce environmental impact and increase food security.


Cornell is a leader in sustainability, and the university is committed to reducing its environmental impact. From its sustainable campus operations to its academic programs and research initiatives, Cornell is working to create a more sustainable future. The university’s commitment to sustainability is inspiring, and it serves as a model for other organizations and institutions to follow.

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